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Learn more about diagnostics below, or Jump straight in to see what diagnostics we sell by clicking the button on the right. We believe in transparency; the prices listed are exactly as seen - no strings attached.

What is a Diagnostic?

Diagnostics collect the data you need, turn it into valuable insights, and generate a report to communicate with the wider organisation and stakeholders.

IT Diagnostics

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Ask the Right Questions

Use our surveys to collect the data you need from across your organisation.

Use Our Diagnostic Engine

The diagnostic tool uses the latest thinking, turning the data into usable information.

Communicate & Take Action

Impress stakeholders with the generated report and insights. Then, make those improvements.

Single Purchase Cost

You may prefer to avoid the daily, ongoing, costs associated with employing a consultant.


Diagnostics are sold with an up-front cost listed next to each diagnostic below. 


This price includes all support and guidance.

Make a Positive Impact... Fast!

If you are in a new post, organisation, or simply moving in a new direction, diagnostics:

  • Assess an area quickly and accurately.

  • Provide impressive insights to present

  • Know what you need as you form an improvement plan.

Beyond the Diagnostic

The diagnostic may raise issues that need addressing within your organisation to produce savings or positive change.

You may decide to approach Hyphen Blue for consultancy to support you through that change.

This is entirely your choice; the diagnostic tool will provide everything you

Top 3 Bundle


We have a bundle price for our top 3 diagnostics:

  1. IT Management & Governance

  2. IT Org Design & Staffing

  3. CIO Business Vision 

Medium/Large Business Solutions

For medium and larger businesses, who may be using multiple diagnostics, potentially on an ongoing basis, we can offer membership options.

Our Diagnostics

cio business vision_edited.png

CIO Business Vision Diagnostic    £2,500

Ensure you are making decisions based on real data by systematically collecting insights from key business stakeholders. The CIO Business Vision Survey will enable you to:


  • Highlight the business impact of IT constraints.

  • Prioritise key services and create an improvement roadmap.

  • Build action plans to manage critical stakeholders.

Diagnostics Anchor
IT Management and Governance_edited.png

IT Management & Governance    £3,500

Stakeholder management is the most important, but difficult, thing you need to do as a CIO. This diagnostic:


  • formally, and consistently, collects insights from your key business stakeholders.

  • Tells you the direction IT should be moving in.

  • Shows you how you can achieve your goals.

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CEO-CIO Alignment Diagnostic    £1,250

Use our CEO-CIO Alignment Survey to:

  • Understand your CEO's perception of, and vision for, IT in your business.

  • Identify and build core IT processes that automate IT-Business alignment.

  • Create a plan to address alignment gaps impeding business growth.

  • Execute your plan to demonstrate IT value and progress.

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IT Security Diagnostic                     £1,250

Reacting to incidents instead of preparing for them leaves your organisation at risk. Run our IT Governance & Management Diagnostic to evaluate:

  • Event & incident management

  • IAM (Identity Access Management)

  • compliance management

  • policy and process governance

  • Security culture

  • Auditing

  • Risk analysis

  • Vulnerability

Project Portfolio Management_edited.png

Project Portfolio Management    £3,500

Only 49% of project capacity is used productively by the average organisation. Ensure Project Portfolio Management aligns with business goals and leverages resource capacity.

  • Understand your current strengths

  • Eliminate waste and increase project throughput

  • Establish appropriate priorities and manage expectations

end user satisfaction_edited.png

End User Satisfaction Diagnostic £3,500

Benefit your organisation by asking end users what they really think about IT. Do it in a systematic way that’s easy on everyone and can give you insight to make real change.

  • Measure satisfaction with IT performance

  • Evaluate IT's core service capabilities

  • Build/support an ongoing IT strategy

App Portfolio_edited_edited.png

Application Portfolio Assessment £2,500

Only 41% of applications are effective. Gather critical feedback from end users to make informed decisions on business apps.

  • Assess the health of your app portfolio

  • understand how end users feel about the software you support

  • collect data to help decide which apps to retire, upgrade, maintain or provide training on

  • create an internal annual benchmark

IT Org Design and Staffing.png

IT Org. Design & Staffing Survey  £3,500

67% of IT staff time is spent on administration and maintenance. Ensure your staffing resources are properly deployed. The IT Organisational Design and Staffing Survey will:

  • Demonstrate the relationship between staffing levels and IT performance.

  • Engage your team on how to improve IT by assessing 7 drivers of effectiveness.

  • Evaluate resource time spent on high value versus low value activities.

Data Quality_edited.png

Data Quality Diagnostic       £500 per app.

One of the most consistent challenges businesses face is maintaining data quality in business systems. Ensure your business stakeholders can make decisions based on quality data. The Data Quality Diagnostic Scorecard will:

  • Measure business satisfaction with quality data.

  • Deliver training to users and groups who need it most.

  • Identify and address unmet needs.

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Reporting and Analytics Diagnostic      £2,500

Ensure your analytics and reporting is optimised to provide game-changing insight into your business. The Reporting & Analytic Diagnostic will help:

  • Build and optimise business reports that matter most.

  • Schedule and deliver training to users who need it.

  • Identify and address unmet needs from the business.

Medium and Large Business Membership Solutions

If your business is medium or large, and you will be using multiple assessments, possibly on an ongoing basis, membership options may be a more cost-effective way for you to benefit from diagnostics.

The cost of annual membership varies depending on the size, and nature of your business, so we cannot present a one size fits all costing.


Please contact us to discuss this option, and if we feel this may be a more cost-effective route for any business purchasing our diagnostics, we will suggest it.

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